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Chocolate Brownie Covered Twinkies!


How To Make Chocolate Brownie

Cover Twinkies

Kid Tested - Daddy Approved!

Very simple ingreidents: Duncan Hines Chewy Fudge Brownie Mix, eggs, milk, Minion Twinkies and anything you would like to decorate the Minions with when complete.


The first thing that you need to do is freeze your twinkies! This will aid in keeping the center from goo-ing out in the cooking process as well as making the twinkie easier to handle. Make fudge brownie as directed by the instructions printed on the back of the box, only just a bit  thinner. When mixing is completed, unwrap and submerge a Twinkie into the brownie batter making sure you get a good coat on all sides. Grease a baking dish, pan, or use wax paper. Place your now covered Twinkie in the pan or baking dish of you choice.


***Yummy Tip #1 - Use less milk for more stickyness!


***Yummy Tip #2 - Use a mix that cooks quick, some batter will take longer which can cause Twinkie underneath to over-cook.

Bake our brownie covered Twinkies as directed on box, only decrease cooking time by 5 minutes or so. This will help keep brownies moist. When time is done remove from oven.


***Yummy Tip #3 - When dipping use a fork to cut down on mess!

Cut around the edges of your chocolate brownie Minion Twinkie making sure not to cut to close to the Twinkie. Remove from backing dish onto a separate dish for decoration or staight to a plate if ready to eat.


To decorate, either take icing and create  Eyes and Faces, or just do silly decorations with candy and whipped cream!


***Yummy Tip #4 Children will like whatever you decide to do, after all it is a brownie covered Minion!

The Finished product - total yummienees! It is best to serve warm with whipped cream, milk or vanilla ice cream!

Enjoy! This is a real live shot after our Alex looked up and said it was mind blowingly delicious! Make sure you finish your milk Alex!


***Yummy Tip #5 Don't serve to close to dinner!