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Ok, do you have people in your front yard wondering aimlessly? 

Do you see strange signs at church's and parks saying Pokemon welcome here?

Or maybe you have just heard and are curious?










Whatever the reason we will give you a brief synopsis...


Pokemon Go is a game you play on your mobile device. You can easily download the application from your app store, which was developed from Nintendo.


The goal of the game is to capture characters of Pokemon on your mobile device.Once the app is downloaded, you create your character and user name. Then a map will show up in your local area. The Pokemon will show up as you travel down the road, in churches, parks, or even your front door! The goal of the game is to capture as many Pokemon as possible. The more Pokemon you capture the more points you get and the better Pokemon type you can find.












Once you locate your Pokemon on screen "which is really a GPS map", you then can capture the Pokemon by flicking a ball by screen swiping on your device in the direction of the catch, which will make the ball shot. If you hit a Pokemon you will catch it! But be aware that it may escape if it was a bad toss!














We do not know the end goal of this game yet, because it has only been out a week and it might go on forever...!


Good Luck!!



How to play Pokemon Go
What is Pokemon Go?

What Is Pok'emon Go?

Pokemon Go How to What Is
Catch Them All How to play
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