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The Tale of The Three Trees

What lucky trees are these?

And how lucky was I to read about these lucky trees?

Very lucky indeed..!

This very wonderful book was given to us as a gift just several years, and has become a family favorite! As it turns out, The family was missing out on something special that it seemed like a whole lot of other people knew about.! In fact there are numerous versions of the tale and church youth groups often put on plays of the story! As my children would say "Silly Pa-Pa".

In this beautiful and timeless tale, three trees sit and imagine what they would want to be when they grow up. One wanting to carry the greatest tresure on earth, one wanting and be turned into the most important mightly ship of the seas, and one wanting to grow as tall as heaven so when people look upon her they will think of God!

As time passes these good trees live's do not go like they had hoped for. The first tree becoming a simple feed box for animals, the second fashioned into a small fishing boat, and the third into simple beams of lumber.

But one day the the feed box is used for another purpose, and the tree realizes that he is carrying the greatest treasure on earth, and one day the second tree goes out in a storm that is suddenly quited and he realizes his dream has been fulfilled as he finds out who he is carrying ! And as for the third tree that wanted to remind peolpe of heaven, that was cut into simple beams.... Well, you will have to check ot the story...!

Our famiy loved this book and it will be shared now for generations to come. I strongly recommend this book or any other version that you my find! It is a timeless tale for a reason, and some mention it is best for Easter and Christmas, but I believe it is very good all year round ! And as for our little reader Adalynn.... She gave the book two thumbs up and really enjoyed the pictures as well!

Available at Amazon !

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