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Lily & Grace - Friends to the Rescue

What A Fun Book !

This original and warm story created by talented Author/ Illustrator Debbie Byrd is such a joy to read, you may fell like your on a bit of a vacation and watching "Dolphin Tales" all at the same time!

In this beautifully illustrated and told children's tale, a sea turtle named Lily becomes friends with a young marine biologist named Conner, as the two meet after the Lily lays her eggs on the beach where Conner lives.

Lily and Conner become fast friends, and one day after they do some surfing, "one of their favorite things to do", Lily meets up with another one of her good friends, a Jellyfish named Grace. Grace tells her of some troubling news and explains that she has found an oil drum in the ocean and worse than that, it is leaking. Lily and Grace know this could be a big problem especially for Lily's new eggs !

The two friends do some quick thinking and devise up clever plan stop the leaky oil drum and attempt to save the day and Lily's very precious eggs !

The family loved this original book not only because it remineded us of all our good times we had on vacation on the Gulf of Mexico, but also because our children love marine life and surfing as well. The book is also very education and you may have your own child asking you more about the eviroment than you may have thought!

And as for what our little reader Adalynn thought of it? She gave it 4 thumbs up, two from her and two from me ! And she also fond of the artwork, especially the picture with the cute little turtles and the sunset !

You can get Lily & Grace: Friends to the Resque at Amazon

Or Debbies Byrd's personal site

Hang Ten Lily !

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