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What Pet Should I Get? The New Dr. Seuss Book!

Every pet looks like fun, so how in the world do you pick just one?

It isn't easy, but it can be done. - Dr. Suess

This anticipated lost work by our beloved author arrived just in time for our Adalynn's birthday. Our whole family gathered together in the living room to hear the tale !

The book started off calmly and simply with very familiar characters and rhymes, and after several pages, it was undeniably an authentic and new Dr. Suess!

The story itself is a cute tale about a brother and sister, being allowed by their father to go to the pet store and pick out a pet. It starts out as an easy thing to do, but soon the two siblings troubles begin after walking around and seeing all the fun pets to choose, not to mention being pressured to make a decision of just one, and all before noon!

The children are first attracted to the obvious pet choices of dogs and cats, but the little sister starts to explore further animal choices within the store and slowly but surely that is where Suess's imagination takes hold and ties in familiar character animals that we all have grown to love over the years.

As the boy narrator continues to look around the pet store, he becomes overwhelmed with his options and starts believing that if he keeps looking he will find the perfect pet, maybe even something you may have not have seen before! In classic Dr. Seuss form, the would be pets look to have stepped out of other works such as "There's a Wocket in my Pocket" or various others. After awhile, you might find yourselves asking, " who wouldn't want a cuddly Yent for a family pet?"

In the end, the children finally and abruptly do decide on a family pet and does so in a manner that Dr. Seuss himself believed would help other children with their own decision making ability.

The charming book also includes a short bio of Seuss's love for animals and how the tale was founded and created.

Our family loved the new book, and it was a very much worth the long anticipated wait.

...And as for our little reader Adalynn, she gave it two thumbs up and knows that a cat is in the basket, but she herself would have picked a parrot! You will have to read the story to know what she means..!

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