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The Day The Crayons Came Home

Has anybody seen our green crayon?

Maybe after reading this book you will have a new appreciation for all the lost crayons around the house, and just maybe not be so quick to throw them away !

In this cute follow up to "The Days the Canyons Quit", crayons explain what happens after they get lost in a house, in this case our old friend Duncan's house. On each page there is a well articulated message from a different crayon, each one humorously detailing how their life has been going since being departed from the box. As different as the crayons colors are, so are their stories of woe and amusing mishaps, along with their loving and sorrowfully plead to return home.

This is all done through colorful, crayon inspired illustrations that our child was very comfortable looking at. Also, one of the most enjoyable aspects of this book worth noting, is its ability for the reader to go back and read some of the book one night, and some of the book on another night, but still be able to read the beginning and the conclusion at the end on both nights!

How you might ask? I'm sorry, I can't give the whole story away..

And as for our little reader Adalynn and what she thought.. Our little girl really loved the color crayons selections "especially pink" and was very intrigued with the lost glow in the dark crayon on it's page!

Available at Amazon !

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