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Al The Green Train Rain

The train that makes the clouds

and rain...he's our friend "Al The Green Rain Train".

In this imaginative and environmentally friendly children's book, created by talented Author/Illustrator Alfred Guajardo, a friendly train makes his way through the environment as rain in an easy to understand fashion for children to learn about the environment.

"Al The Green Train Rain" travels through the entire water life cycle and touches on all major aspects of water and weather holistically in order to educate as well as entertain children. This is done so with very colorful pictures and fun rhyming schemes.

The story also touches on the general effect of rain and how society interacts the precious sources, all while giving a better understanding of the environment. The author explains several mature concepts to children, including hydroelectricity and its place in the water cycle! I know, pretty advanced for a little reader, but don't be afraid there is a glossary in the back with fun and easy to understand descriptions of each element that makes learning fun and enjoyable!

Overall, Al The Green Train Rain is a warm and friendly educational book that is perfect for all our future conversationalist, meteorologist and environmentalist. It playfully reminds us that we should all be appreciative of the water and rain and understand its cycle. Most importantly though is learning this at a young age how to take care of our surrounding will only better all of our homes, and of coarse "Mother Earth" for all the years to come.

And as for what our little 5 year old little reader Adalynn thought of it.. She really enjoyed the story and had fun practicing on a few of the big words! She also loved all the colorful pictures but her favorites were of the sandy beach and the princess by the castle!

Al The Green Train Rain is Available at Amazon !

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