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HOLA! Let's Learn Spanish

HOLA! Students of Spanish, I've always wanted to say that...! No, I'm really not a Spanish teacher at all, but I did find a good Spanish book to help my own children grow on the subject that I would to share with you!

Hola! Lets learn Spanish is a children's book that includes several learning tools for children. The book starts with an imaginary trip that takes the reader to the land of Mexico where they meet a funny little Mexican jumping bean named Panchito, who introduces them to his land as the book explains basic words and situation that one might find in his environment. After the story is completes the book goes into a section that includes words and sentence learning structure. Later the book also includes a cultural sections which introduces more common and fun items one might experience in Mexico.

After sharing this book with my 3 children that range in the ages from 7 to 13, they all let me know that they enjoyed the book, however, each one gave me their different take on "Hola! Let's Learn Spanish"

Adalynn, our now first grader, "oh how time flies..." has learned a bit of Spanish in her pre-k and loved Dora the Explorer when she was a little younger almost as much as she still loves Olaf. When she first opened the book she looked long and hard at the pictures knowing they were telling her a story that she wanted to understand. Though she could read all the words, the book really came to life when, we as a family, read it together and explained each situation. She really had fun with the story segment of the book, and enjoyed listing to us pronounce the fun sounding Spanish words.

My 5th grade daughter also enjoyed the the book but could appreciate it herself. Though she enjoyed the story, she really liked learning more about the pinata and the whole family enjoyed the "Dale Dale Dale' the pinata song! There is actually a lot of details that can be absorbed in the book for children of all age levels and she probably leaned the most out of all three children.

My 8th grade son in actually taking first year high school Spanish and he is familiar with the language. As he read the book he found that he enjoyed seeing how the words were being used in context to the story. He knew most of the vocabulary but reading the story with mixed English and Spanish was enlightening to him. He also complemented the book as a learning aid for using the primary and important words that are currently being used in his class.

As for the family we enjoyed chatting about the story over dinner. "Hola! Lets learn Spanish", will continue to be used as a fun learning aid for the language in our home.

And one more thing, there is an audio version of the book at , and it can be downloaded before beginning so that you can hear the authentic Spanish pronunciation by one of the author's Spanish speaking friends!

Oh and here is a little background on our talented author.

"Hola, Lets Learn Spanish" was written by Judy Martialay, a long time veteran of not only the Spanish language but the French language as well. As for Judy, she is also a member of the Public Advocacy Committee of the New York State Association of Foreign Language Teachers, the National Network for Early Language Learning, as well as several other very well know organizations. Judy has written a fun book to entertain and educate all at the same time, and being that I have three children of my own that all enjoyed the book I think you will too!

You can order "Hola, Lets Learn Spanish" here

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