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You have a lifetime to work, but children are only young once — POLISH PROVERB



"You have a lifetime to work, but children are only young once" — POLISH PROVERB

Ah yes, the ability to spend the time with your treasures will still trying to amass a small amount for yourself, it is very difficult to do. I do think that if you are reading this and the quote above you are at least off to a good start. someone with no worries about spending their time with their children might be looking online at catalogs and car adds, but you are here with me so I the least I can do is share my humble perspective.

My father once told me that children do not slow you down they inspire you, while to this day I believe he was right with he may have been right with the different reasons. My personal observation of the situation is that time is more valuable than the money that you can make and while it is tempting to work as much as you or have your spose work as much as you can to make ends meet, there are alternatives.

I think there are a few things that people should to consider in there decisions of how much money and work is necessary, is it working to put food on the table or is it working for the new car or bigger house i.e keeping up with the "Jones's"?

If its the first bless you and I hope you get through the situation sooner than latter but if its the latter, I hope you consider the question of do I really need that or do I really what that? If the question is leaning toward I really want the upgrade remember its tough to go back. If you are used to that old truck and It does not bother you, you may want to ride it till the wheels fall off, because once you trade up to the Cadillac you will get used to the comfort and fact that you may be proud to drive sound a beautiful automobile, but on the flip side is worth the extra time that you will take to pay for it? If you stayed in the more affordable house and drove the more affordable car you would be amazed of the amount of money that would be left over, maybe enough for just one parent to work and watch more closely over what Is the most important part of a parents life, witch is of coarse there children.

I also remember from years back listening the the good ol' Neal Bortz and how he would plee with every body to not have dual incomes, saying that the taxes eat away so much of the second income, and if they were at home it would be better server with their family.

I know, I don't want to go on and on, I do know everybody has their reasons and you are not one to judge anyone, but I do wish that if you are a couple dealing with the choice, I hope you hear my humble words of wisdom and know that its harder to move to the more affordable neighbor hood from the expensive one and its hard to drive that old truck to work when you are so used to diving the in the comfort of the new one. And the ones who may benefit from you staying conservative are your children, who with the extra attention will become more of what you want them to be mere by the love and attention that you are giving them!

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