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When Nothing Goes Right..Go Left!


When Nothing Goes Right.. Go Left!

I am not really sure who wrote this saying, It very well may have came from a teacher or a child on a playground, but one thing that I do know is this simple quote says a lot! As in much things, it may mean different things to different people, for it's wisdom could be used for a simple circumstance such as a project going poorly, and the leader instead of forcing a square peg into a round hole opts for the better solution of pulling out and starting from a new..

It could also take the meaning of a students study habits at school or at home. Maybe the student is trying very hard but is accomplishing the minimal results to being successful. It this particular case it would be good of the student to try different study habits and or surroundings.

It could also talk to people in a trying relationship. This relationship could be with a loved one, a sibling or a friend. If their goal is to make something work and they keep trying the same type of mannerism they might not be making the progress they want. It may again be best to change philosophies entirely for example, instead of trying the chatting and reasoning steps with a person, one may go the route of just having fun and sharing good things with one another with no conversation to be had. They might even try the warm hug idea, where sometimes a hug of affection is many times more effective and says so much more that any words could possible do! "Sounds like a Hallmark card I know..."

I do think that a change in philosophy in whatever you may try to do is important though. It may be very challenging for some, many of us are so set in our ways that all we do is know how to go right. However going left or maybe the "Taking of the road less traveled" is something we all should try to work on. If you know you are a person who has trouble with just starting over on something whether it be big or small, practice may be required. I myself know the older I get the more I do not know, and I try to be more open minded as I was when I was a young student myself. I do observe my children, and learn as they learn their own way. They are always used to trying new thing and do so at a very fast pace, so they are fairly versed at stopping something and trying something new.

So maybe in this useful child like quotes, it we have problems taking the simple child like advise of "When nothing goes Right.. Go Left!" we can at least learn from the a child like way of maybe letting go a learn how to to go left!


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