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Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts!


Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts!

Oh the truth about Christmas..

I remember when I was young waiting for for our beloved Christmas and mostly beloved gifts that we would receive, and I think of this quote and how it contradicts each other, and I say to myself maybe I should try harder to teach my own children a little more about the true meaning of Christmas.

I know that its easy for the parents to say "It not all about just getting" to their children and the children quickly and wisely agree to make sure there is not interference with the giving stash that may be coming their way, but maybe we should take it one step further, "you have to walk before you run", and really spend some time of the subject.

So what are some good ways to teach a child you ask, well the first that comes to mind is to have a time to chat with the child all by them selves. Turn off the television and the phones and one on one, on by one take the time to discuss this with them. They might think they are in trouble in the beginning so it might be justified to let them know that they are not in trouble you just want to share with them. During this time you could got back through your own childhood a find a couple instances that you where not as grateful as you should have been and let them know that you wish you would have done a little better. You might also share with them ideas they could use to do things themselves and share and truly appreciate that fondness that comes from just being nice and doing the good things.

Another thought is to give them a big hug and let them know that you care and you want all their wishes to come true even though it may or may not be under your tree.

Another good idea is the volunteering approach. I know we have all done a little of this, but it is very important that they do not just get caught up in the fact that they are doing it but rather come to grips that they are the ones volunteering their time and can appreciate the feeling of gratitude themselves. They will not feel this or truly learn thing if it is though of as just another thing they have to do so it is important that they feel responsible for their own giving action, and a little love can teach a long way.

So this Christmas might be a good time to make that plunge and decide that I am going to make a true effort to teach my children more about the true meaning of Christmas! This does not mean that there will be less fun and it certainly does not mean their will be less meaning, it is hoped by all that it will give a great in depth and scope to these little children's so that they may appreciate this wonderful season in a more complete fashion, and maybe one day grow to teach others the same or even a more adept appreciation for all we have to be thankful for, at least that as a father I do hope and wish for!

And maybe always mixed in with a little bit of wisdom from Linus and the Peanuts Gang!


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