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Kindness is like snow - It Beautifies Everything It Covers.


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Being from the south we don't see a lot of snow so when it does happen that we get new of the wonderful white stuff, we all get very very excited. As it is now at this very moment, just after Christmas and the children are finally getting used to going back to school a snow storm "if you will" approaches. And it is true what people say about the driving make for a big mess as it causes many self imposed issues, and the bread and the milk does fly off the shelf with the slightest of rumor of the stuff!

Milk and Bread funny image from 104.7 The Fish

Image from 104.7 The Fish Facebook Page

And as the weather reports pour in from our favorite sourced such as the weather channel and the 11Alive Weather , I fear for the worst but also look forwards to the fun that may come!

However, I cant but help to laugh a little though when I see the see the quote that connect snow to kindness! Yes it is very very true that kindness can and always will cover all thing and make them better, however, my humor comes from the fact that these snow storms do not always bring out the best in u, but can bring out the worst instead!

I have seen in crazy drivers, rudeness at the grocery store, "stay away from the milk isle" and unapologetic bumps on the sidewalk, just to name a few!

Then peoples modes do tend to get better after the first initial hit once they make it home to safty, and the kindness hopefully continues for us for a bit at home like it can nowhere else. And usually for us in the south, the snow never sticks around long enough to keep us pent up awfully long so its usually welcomed as a nice change.However, I do hazard to guess what it would be like being stuck in a house for days at a time like our friends up north might go through from time to time. I know they are a really different bread of folk and are used to it, they have been living in that environment all or most there life and are probably more naturally adapted to getting "snowed in", not like us in the Atlanta area. I think I personally can last for 36 hours or so before needing to get out for a moment, but thankfully we do a have a large SUV with four-wheel-drive and some large very good BF Goodrich tires in case I get a little antsy.

But I do like the quote that was the focused of this ramble and believe that it is important to be kind as often as one can, so maybe during this years blizzard of 1 to 2 inches of powder, I will take look all around and appreciate the scenery a little more but more importantly I will try to be kinder. Yes I will try to be more patient and kinder during the snow days like the quote infers you to do. It may be difficult at times, I do have three children, but I will not loose my temper at the grocery store, I will be extra courteous on the street, and I will drive with other in mind, "which may even keep me safe"!

Good Luck and Be Safe Atlanta!

Christopher Jude is a children's book writer and blogger, husband and father living in Atlanta, Georgia


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