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Officer James Weaver Kind Moment

In an act of a little selflessness and maybe an act called out by an inner goodness, a police officer named James Weaver who works for the San Diego Police Department took it upon himself to do something heartfelt and kind . Though it did not take to much away from Officer Weavers day it filled the hearts of a family, external family and all the people that come across this story that now has seemed to gone viral.

Officer James Weaver of the San Diego Police Department allowed Rileigh, 4, and Austin Buetow, 2, to bid farewell to their dad over his patrol car public-address system as he was about to leave on a ship for deployment from Shelter Island on Jan. 5.

The Buetow's family father who is a service officer for the navy was getting dispatched for the first time on the navel carrier USS Carl Vinson, and was set at his base to leave. You can picture the scene yourself with the the big navel vessel leaving the harbor and the soldiers gallantly looking over the sides of the ship as they get set to leave. And you can also envision the well accustomed tribute of the family and well wishers to go the were they are leaving and wave their goodbye, but what people are not used to seeing is what happened next. A police officer named James Weaver stopped by a family that had little children and noticed that they were waving goodbye to their father, and in an act of selflessness offered the children use of his pa speaker system to say "Bye Bye Daddy, I love you" one last time! As the child did so and the mother watched on she knew something special had happened and seemed more gracious as it settled in and relized how wonderful it was, and tears came to the surface.

Officer Weaver said he could barley her the children yelling goodbye through the parking lot and knew they need alittle help, so he offerered his PA system to the children.

In today's climate its such a welcome change to have such a wonderful scene get a highlights of the good that can come to a family, a service man, from a police officer who took the time to do something extra and nice. It might also be stated that their are so many times everyday that small, kind acts of chivalry are acted out by firemen, policemen and of coarse military personnel all the time. It might be a fireman turning on the fire hydrant on a hot day for children to play or maybe the cop of the tough side of town that decides it would be better to lecture a youth than to escalate an issue and maybe bring him in, or it maybe might even be a teacher or community worker who stays late with a child that needs some extra help and they lend the seldom thanked hand to him or her and go the extra mile. All the actions are looked upon as wonderful and needed when the light is shinned on them, and its very special when someone gets the recognition they deserve, and maybe it lets everybody step back and realize that those actions are more common that we may think and its in the hearts of all of wonderful service personal across this great country.

Christopher Jude is a children's book writer and blogger, husband and father living in Atlanta, Georgia


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