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I Want To Be Famous - By Bracha Goetz

I want to be famous by Bracha Goetz

I know, not all of us think this way and I'm not sure I really want to be famous myself. I can think of lots of pros and cons to being famous, but It never really grabbed me so much as to hope that it would happen. That's not to say, if one of my blog post did happen to go viral by super kind people sharing our terrific content, I would not be very happy and appreciated, "a small hint, I apologize..", or to say that I would not mind that if a child of mine could flip a water bottle upside down, get a jillion views on YouTube or Facebook, and look incredibly cute doing so I would mind...But overall that's not what I wake up for and strive to do in general.

This is a super cute video that went viral, the look on the child's little face when she accomplishes her goul is priceless!

That however is not the case in a new children's book, "I Want To Be Famous". You see Seymour is a little boy and is a lot like all of us, whether now or when we were young and he wants to be famous. He wants to be famous so bad he can not stand it and just as funny things happen in our life, he gets his wish, just not exactly like he would have envisioned it.

One day while having a big chug of a beverage, he lets out a super gargantious burp and low and behold, there was someone behind him who just happen to catch it on their smart phone! The lady who filmed the loud and silly noise thought it was so funny she went online and posted it, and what do you know, the clip became viral! It was seen all over and everywhere, and suddenly Seymour became very famous, just like that! He was getting calls for interviews and was becoming a very notable person and enjoying his fame very much. However, as we all know, all good things sometimes end, and in Seymour's case, they ended almost as quickly as they started. His original video was being copied and the new ones where outdoing his old routine, and soon Seymour became a memory.

This cut is from the classic "Little Shop of Horrors" and you guessed it, "Suddenly Seymour" is the song, the book is not about a human eating plant in any way but we loved the movie so much we had to make a the reference!

And as Seymour lay in bed dealing with his problems, he reached deep within him and found the strength to continue in ways he did not know and most of all discovers his inner-self, which is the true gift of this children's book.

"I Want To Be Famous" is a children's book written by long time veteran Bracha Goetz, who studied Psychology at the University of Harvard and has now penned over 30 children's books! The illustrations were completed by talented Keven Gillespie and he portrays Seymour as a lovable nerdy type with glasses who might not look like the captain of the football team, but rather like a Rick Moranes look-a-like when he was younger. The book is written in an enjoyable four line rhyme scheme, which are kept simple and telling, and easily keeps a child's attention with the words rhythm and content. Mixed along with Mr. Gillespie illustrations the book succeeds in telling a fun story while entertaining, and also teaching the importance for a child to believe in themselves for who they are, rather than what people might see them as on the outside.

My daughter Adalynn and I have now read this book several times and I know she is itching to bring it into school and share with her friends. This book is perfect for children to assist in building character, but also on the lighter side, the children who play on mom and dads electronic devices all the time. If your child enjoys watching videos on Facebook or better yet, creating videos of themselves for sharing online, they are sure to find enjoyment and understanding in "I Want To Be Famous"

You can find Bracha Goetz books at the Amazon link below.

I want to be famous Amazon Childrens book

If you would like to send Bracha a message on Facebook or her email at, she would love to her from you!

Christopher Jude is a children's book writer and blogger, husband and father living in Atlanta, Georgia

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