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Old Saying's In New Times

Groovy Saying's From Our Past

So I was driving my son to baseball practice and instead of listing to music we were listening to some sports talk on The ESPN, when suddenly I heard the host of the show use the expression "hosed up!" Ah that made me laugh, thinking about the days we used to to tell all our friends how they hosed up everything, and did so all the time. It was a pretty popular one for couple of years, as you can remember. Then the thought occurred to me how many other expressions were out there that our own children have never heard ,or even if they had, did not understand the context and did not ask, because if they did ask, I would have joyfully shared the funny meanings with them! So just for a little bit of fun I have compiled a list of our favorite 70's and early 80's old sayings or slang expressions to share. I hope you enjoy..!

'Far Out' - This one was one of our fave's growing up, it was different than cool and captured a bit more imagination with a cosmic scene. It was also done so much in movies in a comical scene you got props in the lunch room just using it!

"Dream On" - Ah, the old dream-on line, I can't tell you how many conversations around my house that had to do when permission was required that "Dream On" didn't come up. Wether it was my sister not being quick to share a record or one of my brothers acknowledging my request was not going to be filled it was standard dialect around the house hold, so much that Mom even picked it up, and you know its bad when your Mom is telling you to Dream On..!

"Keep On Trucken" Always made a nice t-shirt in the seventy's and had a nice positive spin of keep on going to it. It was very popular in sports, education, and another one that may have been inspired by a movie or two, "keep on truckin

"Boob Tube", Could you imagine a child today looking at you like a boob, and saying that there is no tube...?

"I Burned You" This one can be used some many different ways such as "I sure burned you" with a comment, or just "Burned" said with such splendor that one can feel the jab even with out the word. I'm also sure you remember the burn touch that accompanied a good burn, where one would touch the target of their criticism and make a sizzle sound and say "burned ya!"You may also be comforted today to know this expression is still alive and well in the expression "Torched".

"You Dig It", I guess when you where on the streets or at they play ground and you wanted to try to be optimally cool you would go with "Can you dig it" or I really dig those shoe". I don't think I would go home and ask my father if he "can dig it", though looking back, if done the right way I'm sure I would have gotten a good memory out of it!

"Dy-no-mite" Who can forget the show "Good Times" when JJ Walker would get excited, and accent the letters in Dy-no-mite" like no on else, all except all my friends in the neighborhood, this one was almost as popular a Dabny Coleman's "What'cha talken about Willis"

"Foxy" and "Chick", best when used together.

"Grody" Wow, I can not tell you how much this one was used in our school cafeteria. I think some of the plates severed were actually named with a "Grody To The Max" description. - Thanks for the spelling correction to my friend Chuck!

"Smokey" Used for police officers anywhere, but I don't remember my Mom ever using it though. You could use it closely with "Keep On Trucken", but I hope not to closely..Catch My Drift?

"My Crib" was always a cool one though usually at our age group, my crib refereed to the living of my parents house that was being shared with 2 dogs, 4 fish, one bird and 5 other children, in best case it might be refereed to as one of our rooms. Funny, when I got older and had a dorm or apartment for my very own, I cant remember ever pulling that one back out, it just kinda felt wrong...

"In Your Face" Always popular in on the basketball course, but was used always and everywhere a good "come-back" occurred.

"Come-Back" Oh, nothing is sweater then burning a comment in an argument with a good come-back. Oh no, I'm going back in time..!

"Your Mama", I can remember this one coming up in the seventies at all careless conversations. That was the argumentative lingo that knew heat was being applied. Whether in good nature or not, "Your Mama" was an insult back to the fam, and could always lead to trouble!

"Sit On It" Can you remember the day that our humble and sweet Richey Cunningham got up the courage to tell The Fonz "To Sit On It? Wow, that was a pretty intense scene back in the day, and a very popular expression that evolved out of Happy Days. I think about everyone in our household used it including my old man!

"Airhead" Used often with boys and girls around the school, It was always more funny though when a girl called a guy "Airhead"

"Give Me Some Skin" though "giving five" still happens today, its more of just a slap of hands and has nowhere near the swag that the old slaps had. I mean there are some teachers who have mastered the art and even taken it to new levels but in general, "give me some skin", or "give me five bro" is kinda forgotten among the current generation, ah some of the soul the Millennials are missing out on,,,

Well, that's all I got for now, I'm sure I have missed many important ones and I will be reminded of them by others. Please feel free to drop us a note and tell us which ones were big for you, I will add them on as I go.

Take Care and Stay Cool!

Christopher Jude is a children's book writer and blogger, husband and father living in Atlanta, Georgia

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