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Children's Books About Wishes

Pinocchio - By Disney

This timeless classic is much better known for the film adaptation but the did you know Disney has a children's book on Pinocchio, 'I know, role eye;s, of coarse you did'? They also did so with the actual pictures used in the classic animation movie and they paraphrased the movie very well. The story reads quickly, flows well and one still knows they are reading the story without skipping to much. They did leave out a few tings but don't work Jimini Cricket is still there.

I Want to be Famous - By Bracha Goetz

In this funny and original tale Seymour wants to be famous more that anything, and what do you know thanks to a YouTube video his wish comes true, but his fame is quickly lived and must find his own value from within.

A Dandelion Girl - By Christopher Jude

This charming story is about a child learning about dandelions from her father and getting to make a special first wish and what the little girl wishes for may bring a tear to your eye!

A Dandelion Girl

Aladdin - By Disney

Another classic adaptation of an old story, and a real fun one at that. If your child has not meet yet meet Aladdin, his big friendly genie, and the magic carpet, he or she is sure to in for an enjoyable ride!

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