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Hats Off To You - Children's Book Review

Chidlren's book by Author of Shoe-la-la

We all need hats, come on Lets Go! The Street Fair is open down below! Is how this first page and lines opens up in this rhythmical and very well illustrated children's book by long time and well known author Karen Beaumont.

In this very charming book, the familiar four little girls from "Shoe-la-la" are doing nothing but getting excited about things little girls get excited about, and that is dressing up and more particularly trying on hats!

The story starts off with four little girls playing dress up in one of their homes attics but they hear a fair occurring just down below in the streets where they quickly arrive in order to try on hats, and when I say hats I mean many hats!

Hats with flowers and hats with one of the lines go, all with the children molding the hats for a special plan they have concocted, and don't worry dad's they even try on a baseball cap for you!

This story is also put together in a manner that introduces a little bit of basic French in a fun playful manner, with the playful words mixed in with the well done illustrations performed by LeUyen Pham, the book just works!

You see at the end of the book they have a special party to attend that make the whole story worth reading but I do think Ms. Beaumont might get a little upset with me if I told you all too much, so lets just go on to say all moms will adore the conclusion!

As for my daughter Adalynn, who loves shoes and dress up, as well as the Shoe-la-la book, well this book has not left her side in a week and was one of her favorite books that she has ever gotten at the traveling scholastic book sale at her school.

Hat off to, Hats Off to You!

Chidlren's book by Author of Shoe-la-la

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