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Our Top 10 Favorite Children's Songs !

Top 10 and Popular Children Songs and Videos

All your favorites like Anita Renfroe "Momism", Seaseme Street's "Sing", and even the new classics "Lava" and "The Duck song."


This is our favorite collection of children's

tunes all via your regular sources, such as "Kids Place Live",

Top 40 Radio, Disney, and old family favorites.


We hope you enjoy our list and the links are all

youTube songs and video!

Andrew and Polly Grapes children song
Take a walk around the block Bill Harley childrens songs

10. "Grapes" From Andrew and Polly - If you have not heard this catchy tune it will only take once to get into your head!

9. "Take A Walk Around The Block" by Bill Harley" - This one took a little growing on for Dad, "Imagine That!" But after a few times, all enjoyed the song and its accompanied by a well done video.

Steve Martin King Tut Video Childrens video

8. "King Tut" by Steve Martin - They love this one as much as we did, he's still our favorite! Oh and "Late for School" also get an honorable and could have won a grammy! This version is all we could find but there are better ones out there.

Sesame Street Sing A Song Children's video

7. "Sing A Song" Sesame Street - We heard this on Kids Plce Live and they loved it as much as we did when we were young. The link is the original but there are alot of fun other versions on youtube if you want to see all the versions

Deep Woods Revival Red Yarn Children's Video

6. "Deep Woods Revival" - by Red Yarn - This artist is a credit to America, this song is so original and old fashion at the same time you really have to listen to it several times to truly appreciate. The writing is so funny. If you look further into this artist you will see some real enjoyable and safe work. Turn it up and enjoy!

I'm Blue Eiffel 65 Children's video

5.  "I'm blue (da ba dee)" by Eiffel 65 -  Always good for a little car pool dance fun. Fun video as well but also look for the lego version.

Gummie Bear song and video by Long English Children's video

4. "Gummie Bears" by Long English Version - If little girls are involved...What would the list be like without this one?

The Duck Song Bryant Oden Children's Song

3. "The Duck Song" - Bryant Oden - Kinda a classic around the house now..What's going on with all these grape songs?

I Think I'm A Bunnie Todd Mchatton Children's video and sond

2. "I Think I'm A Bunnie" by Todd McHatton  - Oh so silly and fun at the same time, we were all singing this song to the bunnies at Disney and our yard, and you may do the same.

Lava James Ford Murphy, Kuana Torres Kahele and Napua Greig Children's Song and video

1. "Lava" by James Ford Murphy, Kuana Torres Kahele & Napua Greig -This one is new but is an instant classic, they actually opened up the movie "Inside Out" with it!

Momisms, I'm the mom, William Tell Overture, funny kid's song, children tunes

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Just One More !!     Anita Renfroe's "Momisms" set William Tell Overture, "Official Version". Ok, so on our way to school listening to Kids Place on Sirus XM, I can't tell you how many "truisms" are in "Momisms"! The song is very, very funny and you laugh more, the more you hear it! If you dont know about Anita, she is often on TV and the Radio and has a great website!